Community Guidelines

Be Accurate: Please be as honest and accurate as possible with your profile information and photos, so as not to mislead others. Always read the hosts profile thoroughly and check their availability before making contact. The host’s calendar will show their available dates.

Be Considerate: If you cannot make or fulfill an arranged stay, then let the other party know in advance as soon as possible. This way both host and guest helper can make other plans. 

Be Cool: Hosts accept visitors at their discretion. They may not invite you to stay with them, and they are not required to explain their reasons to you. Don’t take it personally. 

Be Courteous: It is important that you follow the basics of online communication etiquette. Make sure your correspondence includes a courteous greeting and closing. Just because someone doesn't ask for a response doesn't mean you ignore them. Always acknowledge a correspondence in a timely manner. 

Be Good: Keep written correspondence on the site and do not share your personal email address with other members. This is for safety reasons. 

Be Helpful: You will generally be helping between 3 to 6 hours per day on average. Do the very best job you can. 

Be Honest: Don’t lie to the host about your reasons for coming, interests, past experience, skills or expectations. We want it to be a happy experience for both host and guest helper. 

Be Honourable: Our community offers a exchange of hospitality and is built around trust. Please don’t ask our hosts or guest helpers for money if it's not stated as a prior requisite.

Be Insured: We recommend that you have some form of travel insurance and that all hosts hold insurance to cover guests. 

Be Nice: Feedback is provided for the benefit of our members. Reviews should be fair, honest and objective. 

Be Prepared: Make your own visa and travel arrangements. HelpStay™ or its listed hosts cannot assist with visa applications or travel expenses. 

Be Ready: Both host and guest helper should get as much advance information about each other as possible. Write and use video chats to establish expectations and requirements about the stay. Don’t be shy - ask a lot of questions of each other. 

BE all these things, and we’ll all get along GREAT