What's The Cost (if any)?

Where projects listed are NOT free, fees charged will always be displayed under the ‘Overview’ tab. See screenshot below.

How do I book a project that charges fees? First you need to join HelpStay as a member. As a member you can message any host and apply. Once your application is accepted by the host, you can book your trip by clicking the ‘Go to booking’ link in the reply message that you receive from the host.

When do I pay? You pay a 12.5% booking deposit of the overall amount by credit card. This books your place. A receipt is issued which you print out and bring with you. The remainder of the fee is paid on arrival to the host in cash or by other prior agreed means.

What currency does HelpStay use?  All prices are listed in Euro (€). You can calculate the latest exchange rates using the google currency exchange calculator.